A doctor holds a baby to while speaking to two other doctors on a screen via video.

Personalized Telehealth in the Future: A Global Research Agenda

As telehealth plays an even greater role in global health care delivery, it will be increasingly important to develop a strong evidence base of successful, innovative telehealth solutions that can lead to scalable and sustainable telehealth programs. This paper has two aims: (1) to describe the challenges of promoting telehealth implementation to advance adoption and (2) to present a global research agenda for personalized telehealth within chronic disease management. Using evidence from the United States and the European Union, this paper provides a global overview of the current state of telehealth services and benefits, presents fundamental principles that must be addressed to advance the status quo, and provides a framework for current and future research initiatives within telehealth for personalized care, treatment, and prevention. In this paper, the members of the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network offer a 12-point research agenda for future telehealth applications within chronic disease management.

Research Areas & Topics: Telehealth, TTRN

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An animated image of three adults standing with a background of circles connected by lines. From left to right, the circles contain a phone with a WiFi symbol, a blood glucose monitor, a heart, and a blood pressure monitor. In the bottom left corner is the phrase Presentamos ACTIVATE with the ACTIVATE logo.

Presentamos ACTIVATE

Ahora puede ver ACTIVATE en acción a través de breves videos creados por nuestros compañeros Diverse Health Hub. En Presentamos ACTIVATE, siga a un paciente mientras descubre cómo ACTIVATE puede ayudarlo a aprender sobre sus condiciones crónicas (diabetes y presión arterial alta) y conectarse con su equipo de atención médica.

Research Areas & Topics: Telehealth, Health, ACTIVATE

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