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CITRIS Health develops transformative, scalable, and sustainable information technology solutions to improve health and wellness.

These technology-enabled solutions can improve the quality of care and health outcomes while reducing health care costs.

As a global leader in developing technology-enabled health solutions, CITRIS Health advances innovations in data analytics, hospital-to-home, population health, care management and care transitions, robotics, and mHealth.

CITRIS Health investigators develop partnerships with U.S.-based and global health researchers, clinical providers, engineers, and technologists for collaboration in the development of hardware and software solutions while expanding utilization of the extensive CITRIS innovation ecosystem—including testbeds at the Center for Health and Technology and UC Davis Health System—and other CITRIS and the Banatao Institute facilities and programs.

To discuss CITRIS Partnership opportunities, please contact:

Dr. Camille Crittenden
Executive Director, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute
(510) 705-3330

David Lindeman (for CITRIS Health-specific opportunities)
Director, CITRIS Health
(510) 643-9565