About CITRIS Health

Collage left to right: two female scientists posing in lab coats; a blonde woman showing an elderly woman something on a tablet; baby with pacifier and monitoring nodes attached to head

Shortening the Research and Innovation Pipeline to Improve Health and Quality of Life

CITRIS Health is an initiative of the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society and the Banatao Institute (CITRIS). Like other CITRIS initiatives, CITRIS Health brings researchers, technologists and innovators together across campuses, industry and government sectors, and countries to share their best ideas and craft innovative solutions. In CITRIS Health’s case, these are solutions to society’s most pressing health problems, such as healthy aging and uneven, inequitable access to care.

Information technology research has untapped potential to improve health and quality of life at both individual and population health levels. Through its projects and programs, CITRIS Health accelerates these changes by shortening the pipeline between world-class health technology and its translation into everyday practice.

As more of these technology-based solutions are tested, deployed and scaled up, our society will see the results in improved and equitable health care outcomes, consistent quality of care and streamlined costs.