Center for Technology and Aging

About the Center for Technology and Aging

The Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) serves as a national resource for the development, implementation, demonstration and evaluation of patient-centered technologies that benefit older adults. CTA supports the adoption and diffusion of technology-enabled care that is patient centered, coordinated, efficient and effective. Center staff identify and evaluate the implementation and adoption of technology-enabled programs, focusing on Mobile Health (mHealth), Remote Patient Monitoring, Care Transitions, and Medication Management, among others.

Center for Technology and Aging and its Connection to CITRIS

The Center for Technology and Aging in the past worked in collaboration with CITRIS Health on many projects. We have been able to bring over valuable resources from the Center for Technology and Aging that one can use to better enrich themselves and their communities.

Center for Technology and Aging Resources


These briefings introduce the different technologies that can support healthy aging. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Resources on monitoring patients remotely, also known as “RPM” for short.

Mobile Health

Also known as mHealth, this is about how mobile health is developing and can how it can be used.

Medication Optimization

Also known as MedOp, Medication Optimization refers to a wide variety of technologies designed to help manage medication information, dispensing, adherence, and tracking.

Adopt Tool Kit

A variety of tool kits separated into the following four groups:

Technology Selection Tools

RPM Tools

MedOp Tools

mHealth Tools