UC Davis co-launches high-touch telehealth program in the Central Valley for agricultural workers

Farm workers working a field.

When it comes to improving the health of underserved Central Valley agricultural workers, what types of training and tech infrastructure would support clinics as they deliver care? For nearly seven years, that’s the question Dr. Katherine Kim of UC Davis Health and Leslie Abasta-Cummings of Livingston Health Clinic have been tackling together. For both the health coaching program they implemented in 2015 and the ACTIVATE telehealth pilot rolling out in the second half of 2021, UC Davis brings the technical and research skills while Livingston provides access to the patients who are “the experts in their own lives,” according to Dr. Kim. She and Abasta-Cummings have been relying on these patient insights to help them ultimately create expanded access and expedited care in one of the least healthy parts of the state.

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