Pacific Rim Health Innovations Conference (PRHIC) 2022

From left to right, the logos of the Lingnan Foundation, the First Affiliated Hospital (Sun Yat-sen University), and Mindray

A Conference Hosted by UC Berkeley in collaboration with Sun Yat-sen University

The Pacific Rim Health Innovation Conference 2022, co-organized by The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University and University of California, Berkeley, targets the global sci-tech frontier through dialogues on robotic surgery and digital health to facilitate the innovation of healthcare. Acknowledgement to the Lingnan Foundation for its generous support.

Please view our keynotes and panel sessions at your leisure below.

Carrie Shaw

The Metaverse and Healthcare

Ms. Shaw shares her unique identity as a global public health educator, medical illustrator, and caregiver for teenagers and young adults.

Katherine Yelick

Pacific Rim Health Innovation Conference

Professor Yelick, the Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Berkeley, delivers an introduction to the Health Innovation Conference.

Dr. Allison Sekuler

Remote and Mobile Health Technology Solutions

Professor Sekuler delivers a presentation on how remote and mobile health technology solutions are transforming the healthcare industry by changing the traditional model of healthcare delivery.

Jonna Mazet

Using One Health to Address the Grand Challenges of Our Time

Professor Mazet presents the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how the One Health approach can address grand challenges in public health and beyond.

Dr. Behy Nejad

Clinical Leadership: A Catalyst for Programmatic Change

Professor Nejad delivers a presentation on her experience in developing and expanding the robotic surgery program at the institution through her clinical leadership.

Dr. Brad Pollock

Healthy Davis Together

Professor Pollock presents insights and experiences from the Healthy Davis Together initiative.